Blink! Microsoft reinstates MVP program

After receiving thousands of complaints, many from upset MVP members, Microsoft Corporation has quietly backed away from an earlier decision to terminate its Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program. The company alerted MVP members of the turnaround in an email message that was circulated late Monday.

"Our objectives have always been to provide the best technical support in the industry and a part of that support is the activity taking place in the newsgroups today," the letter reads. "MVPs make a significant contribution to our customer satisfaction, and we sincerely appreciate their efforts. Based on feedback, we will reinstate the MVP Program effective immediately."

Needless to say, virtual cheers from the MVP community greeted the decision.

"Today, Microsoft made a good decision," MVP Thomas Lee told me Monday night. "And it will ultimately benefit the customer. The power of the Internet to influence a big corporation to reconsider something was again demonstrated to day in a big way. This is a good day to be alive.

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