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Xbox Music Book 1.4

Xbox Music Book 1.4

Changes to the Windows 8/RT app necessitate a new version of the book

Here is a new release of Paul Thurrott’s Guide to Xbox Music. This free eBook has been updated to accommodate recent changes to the Xbox Music app for Windows 8/RT. The biggest change is the rebranding of Smart DJ to Radio.

This version of the book includes information about changes made to the Xbox Music app for Windows 8/RT in June 2013 and other additions. These are:

Free trial of the streaming service. Microsoft now lets you stream up to 15 songs for free before requiring you to sign in with a Microsoft account.

Radio. References to the Smart DJ feature were changed to Radio, but only in the Windows 8/RT section of the book.

App updating. I added a short section about updating the Xbox Music app.

Search. I added information about the new Search button in the main view of the app.

Screenshots. I also replaced numerous screenshots as required.

Chances are good that there are errors in here, especially related to ongoing change from the terms Smart DJ and mixes to Radio and radio stations. Please let me know if you see any issues, with the understanding that Microsoft still uses Smart DJ in Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 360.

Download Xbox Music Book 1.4 (113 page PDF, 7.10 MB)

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