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Xbox Music Book 1.3

Xbox Music Book 1.3

A second draft of Xbox Music Book addresses recent changes to the Xbox Music app for Windows 8/RT

The first draft of Xbox Music Book has been updated to address the changes in the Xbox Music app for Windows 8/RT update that shipped earlier this week. This version of the book is essentially an update to the first draft.

As expected, updating the manuscript wasn’t all that difficult, but I wasn’t able to get to it until today because of other work this week. It required 28 new screenshots—for interfaces that are either new or were updated—and I added a section (that should have been there to begin with) about navigating the My Music views.

With this update, the page count (with figures) jumps from 105 pages to 109 pages. Without the figures it’s about 47 pages long, so a page longer than before.

As noted previously, I’ll be examining publishing strategies going forward—Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK, as well as common e-Book formats like e-Pub and Mobi—and will keep working on an actual name for the book.

This book will never be complete, and I expect to find other things from the recent update that need to be added, and of course a major update this summer should really mix it up. That was always going to be the case. But given the recent changes, feedback is more important forever. I know there are missing bits in there.

Download Xbox Music Book 1.3

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