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One thing I've been working on for some time is a WinInfo database that will connect to the Internet Nexus Web site, allowing users to search for WinInfo stories about a particular topic. This database would also allow users to view each story that's appeared in WinInfo since December 2nd, when I started writing the original content. Live database access work continues: I have a working version on my home Web server, but I'm still working on the presentation. Add to this a redesign of the Nexus Web site, due in February, and you can see that it may be a month or more before I get this up on the Web. In any event, the Information Exchange Network (IEN) is now publishing WinInfo articles on their Web site at IEN gives teachers, students, individuals, communities, and companies computer resources to publish, distribute, research, exchange, and gain information of various fields over Internet.  If you'd like to learn more about IEN, check out their Web site. IEN will also be adding a live chat area and newsgroup forum for discussions on WinInfo-related topics. I will keep you updated on their progress

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