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Windows XP Service Pack 2: Today is The Day

If you've put off loading Windows XP SP2 for whatever reasons then you probably know that beginning today Microsoft will push the update out to all systems -- sort of. For those of you who use Windows Update such a forced push could become problematic for a variety of reasons, including the fact that XP SP2 is a gigantic download, which obviously presents a significant burden on your available bandwidth. That may or may not be the least of your problems.

Some software packages do not work properly with XP SP2 due to those packages' design characteristics. For example, many people run custom applications that have been in place for years and as such work fine just the way they are. Even so, they don't work at all with XP SP2. I've heard stories where people said that migrating to a different package or changing the behavior of a given package could cost them millions of dollars.

On the other hand if you use Software Update Services and/or Systems Management Server then you have better control over which XP systems will receive SP2. As such you can minimize any problems SP2 that might cause.

How does your company address the issues centered around Windows XP SP2? Have you already installed it? If not then will you install it? Or do you intend to hold off as long as you can, or possibly migrate to other platforms or software packages?

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