Windows Media Bonus Pack for Windows XP Released

As expected, Microsoft has released the Windows Media Bonus Pack for Windows XP, a set of multimedia add-ons that enhance XP's digital-media features. Described as a "special thank you for customers of the XP OS," the free download gives digital-media fans several add-ons, utilities, and other tools.

"Windows XP is absolutely the best way to experience digital music and video on the PC today," said Jonathan Usher, group product manager of Microsoft's Windows Digital Media Division. "The Windows Media Bonus Pack for Windows XP is our holiday thank you to all customers of Windows XP who are enjoying the digital-media features of this breakthrough OS."

The Bonus Pack includes the Plus! MP3 Audio Convert LE; Media Player for Windows XP (MPXP) PowerToys; new MPXP visualizations; new MPXP skins; a Windows Movie Maker Creativity Kit that features new sounds, music, and titles; and other special offers. For more information, visit the Microsoft Web site.

The Bonus Pack is available in two versions: a full install that includes all the components and a Net install that lets you pick and choose which components to download.

Bonus Pack Full install (18.2MB):

Bonus Pack Net install (172KB):

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