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Utilities - 23 Aug 2005

The Right Tool for the Task

Keeping a company's desktops up and running smoothly can be a daunting undertaking, but today's IT pros can take advantage of a variety of utilities that can facilitate that task. Whether you're defragging a sluggish computer, managing file permissions, or recovering an unbootable hard disk, there's likely a tool that can simplify the job. Find out which applications our readers rely on to perform routine tasks and thus free up time for other responsibilities. You might just come across a new best friend.


Defragmentation Utility
1st—Raxco Software PerfectDisk
2nd—Diskeeper (formerly Executive Software) Diskeeper
3rd—Winternals Software Defrag Manager

Emergency Recovery Console Utility
1st—Winternals Software ERD Commander 2005
2nd—Microsoft Windows Server 2003
3rd—Quest Software ERDisk

File-Compression Tool
1st—WinZip Computing WinZip
2nd (tie)—RARLAB WinRAR
2nd (tie)—Red Earth Software Policy Patrol Zip

File-System Tool
1st—ScriptLogic Security Explorer
2nd—Genie-Soft Genie Backup Manager Pro
3rd—NetIQ File Security Administrator

Scripting Editor
1st—ScriptLogic Enterprise
2nd—SAPIEN Technologies PrimalScript

Undelete Utility
1st—Diskeeper (formerly Executive Software) Undelete
2nd—Winternals Software FileRestore
3rd—Quest Software Object Restore for Active Directory

Automation/Scheduling Tool
1st—ScriptLogic Desktop Authority
2nd—Camellia Software Batch Job Server
3rd (tie)—BMC Software CONTROL-M tie
3rd (tie)—Lieberman Software Task Scheduler Pro

Interoperability Solution
1st—Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX
2nd—Quest Software (formerly Vintela) Vintela Group Policy Framework
3rd—Centrify DirectControl

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