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TiVo Jumps in Bed with Comcast

Struggling digital video recorder (DVR) pioneer TiVo recently struck a deal with Comcast, the largest cable provider in the United States, providing TiVo with a much-needed financial boost, virtually guaranteeing that the company will survive. And trust us, TiVo's survival had been in doubt until the announcement of this deal. Sales were down, the company had never had a profitable quarter, executives were leaving in droves, and TiVo's sole major partnership, with DirecTV, was in tatters. The Comcast deal has changed all that. Under terms of the deal, TiVo will supply Comcast with software for its DVR-enabled cable set-top boxes that will replicate the TiVo interface and user experience, providing Comcast customers with a much nicer and friendlier way to record and pause TV shows. We couldn't be happier for TiVo: The company deserves to succeed and now, hopefully, will do so

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