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Tape Lives: New DLTtape Roadmap Outlined

Quantum is rolling out a new roadmap in an effort to ensure that the increased popularity of disk-based backup systems doesn't make its DLTtape technology irrelevant. The plan for future generations of the technology aims to make sure tapes play a long-term role in the storage backup and recovery market. To that end, Quantum outlined two generations of the DLTtape product line, both of which provide backward-compatible read capability. The new DLT-S, formerly the SDLT, focuses on performance; the DLT-V, formerly the DLT VS, focuses on value.

The roadmap calls for the DLT-S format to reach a capacity of more than 10TB per cartridge with transfer speed support to meet all storage network capabilities. The DLT-V format will deliver multiterabyte devices for less than $1000. "Tape will continue to play a pivotal role in companies' backup, recovery, and archive strategies. Quantum's DLTtape roadmap showcases the company's commitment to addressing customers' high capacity requirements by providing tape technologies that meet their needs for an affordable, flexible, and high-performing storage solution today and into the future," said Bob Abraham, president of Freeman Reports.

Quantum's plan includes its DLTSage and DLTIce write once, read many (WORM) functionality as a standard feature for both new product lines. DLTSage is a suite of management tools by Quantum that lets administrators monitor usage and manage device policies. The DLTIce WORM technology provides archiving support to meet compliance requirements.

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