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Shavlik Enters Antispyware Market

If you read our recent article "A Flurry of Enterprise Spyware Solutions" you know there are many enterprise antispyware solutions to choose from. Shavik, known for its popular security solutions, said that antispyware should be handled by systems administrators, not end users. With that said, the company announced that it will enter the enterprise antispyware market with the release of its upcoming product, NetChk Spyware.

President and CEO Mark Shavlik said, "We're excited to leverage our security expertise to help customers address the growing spyware problem. Unlike consumer-focused product lines, our approach is to view spyware as a corporate problem that should be managed by the IT professionals and systems administrators, who are responsible for the security and stability of each computer on the network, with the same tool they used for patch management. Our enterprise solution centralizes management of the spyware problem by placing control with the systems administrators rather than the end users." Shavlik's NetChk Spyware will become available in the second quarter of 2005.

In other antispyware news, Microsoft recently released a beta of its upcoming Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware solution, which the company recently acquired by purchasing GIANT Company Software. You can download the beta from Microsoft's Web site.

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