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PyMusique "Frees" iTunes, Apple Breaks PyMusique

Last week, infamous hacker "DVD Jon" Johansen released a new tool for Linux and Windows called PyMusique that lets Apple iTunes Music Store customers log on to the service via non-Apple software and purchase music without the annoying FairPlay Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions that Apple imposes. On Monday, Apple shut down PyMusique's access to the service, requiring all customers to use only the very latest version of iTunes. But Johansen's hack betrayed the stunningly simplistic system that Apple is using to protect music that you purchase from iTunes. Apparently, all the music you buy at iTunes is unprotected when you download it, and then the FairPlay protection is added to the tracks on your local system. You can bet that Apple is now racing to fix that little bit of stupidity, but it does cast doubts on Apple's ability to deliver a wide-reaching DRM scheme that can compete with Microsoft's Windows Media DRM and protect non-music content types

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