Network Appliance Upgrades Systems and Software

Network Appliance announced its first multiprocessor storage appliances, the NetApp F880 and F880c (clustered version), for large databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP), corporatewide home directory consolidation, and other mission-critical applications. The F880 and F880c support as much as 18TB of storage. By using multiprocessor functionality, the F880 improves system performance for the series. The new CompactFlash boot system replaces the floppy drive, increasing system autonomy and lowering the need for hands-on administration.

The newest version of NetCache content-delivery software now provides enterprises and service providers added support for Kerberos authentication with Windows 2000 Active Directory (AD), global request management functionality, QuickTime video-on-demand streaming media, and Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (iCAP) 1.0 support to provide the more complete content-delivery support for streaming media and Web applications. NetCache 5.2 software offers advanced features for delivering high-performance live and video-on-demand streaming media and seamless management of global content. NetCache software also provides enterprises and service providers with a common data and content architecture for creating global data fabrics with Network Appliance systems for business-critical Web and streaming media applications.

Network Appliance upgraded several software packages (e.g., the ContentDirector, ContentReporter, DataFabric Manager). The company also announced SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange 2000. SnapManager automates data backup, storage, and recovery for Exchange 2000 environments. SnapManager complements and extends the portfolio of NetApp data center solutions, which help businesses prepare for the evolution of storage networks into global data fabrics.

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