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Minor Problem With Software Update Services 1.0

Microsoft made known a minor problem with Software Update Services 1.0 that might lead to confusion among administrators. When SUS is synchronized after December 12, 2005 then previously approved updates might all become listed as unapproved. The problem will not affect SUS servers built or deployed after December 13, 2005.

Microsoft posted an article about the problem, "
Synchronizing SUS 1.0 SP1 Servers with Windows Update after December 12, 2005 may cause previously approved updates to be unapproved," which offers workaround information. Craig Gehre, release manager for Microsoft's Security Response Center, said that the issue " doesn't impact the update level of SUS clients, or the ability to deploy \[December security updates\] with SUS 1.0."

While Microsoft's article does offer workaround information, the steps towards a workaround can be lengthy depending on whether a backup copy of the approveditems.txt file used by SUS is available. Gehre said that the company is working to develop a script to help make fixing the problem less tedious.

TAGS: Security
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