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Microsoft Ships Enterprise Version of Windows Desktop Search

This morning, Microsoft issued an enterprise version of its Windows Desktop Search product, providing a managed way for businesses to rollout next-generation document search functionality. In May 2005, Microsoft shipped the consumer version of this product, called MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search.

"These new enterprise-class enhancements to the desktop search capabilities we introduced last spring will empower IT professionals to deliver higher productivity, lower IT management costs and greater ease of use throughout their organizations," says MSN Search corporate vice president Christopher Payne. "Gaining rapid access to more relevant, up-to-date and action-oriented search results will enable information workers to make better, faster decisions."

Compared to the consumer version, Windows Desktop Search (WDS) for enterprise deployment separates the WDS and MSN Toolbar components, allowing businesses to decide which components to deploy. WDS includes a taskbar-based deskbar that allows users to search for files on their hard drive or intranet, or via the Web. One nice touch: WDS can replace the horrible Search Companion that's plagued Windows for years. Now, when you choose Search from the Start Menu, an attractive and more functional WDS search window appears. Naturally, WDS supports a number of enterprise deployment solutions.

WDS is free for licensed users of Windows 2000 or Windows XP and is available in 15 languages (with more coming soon). For more information, please refer to the Microsoft Web site.

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