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JSI Tip 3267. Windows NT 4.0 SFM does not start in a Windows 2000 or Mixed mode domain?

When you start you Windows NT 4.0 computer that has SFM installed, you receive:

        Event ID: 10022
        Source: MacFile
        Type: Error
        The helper thread was unable to send the list of trusted domains to the Appletalk Filing Protocol file
        system driver 

        Event ID: 10027
        Source: MacFile
        Type: Error
        A Critical error occurred while initializing a helper thread.

        Event ID: 10001
        Source: MacFile
        Type: Error
        Unable to start File Server for Macintosh service.
If you are a member of a Windows 2000 or Mixed mode domain, SFM no longer works on your Windows NT 4.0 computer.

You must either convert the domain to use only Windows NT 4.0 domain controllers, or upgrade your workstation to Windows 2000.

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