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JSI Tip 1637. SQL 7.0 and DFS hangs W9x clients.

If both SQL 7.0 and DFS are installed on your server, your W9x clients may hang while logging on or accessing a server share.

SQL 7.0 sets a registry value on the server that the W9x clients can not process. Use Regedt32 to navigate to:


Double-click the MaxMpxCt value name in the right hand pane. This REG_WORD entry has a data value of 0x1FF (Hexadecimal Radix). Change the data value to 0x1FE and click OK.

NOTE: When the W9x clients process this registry entry, they add 1 to the 0x1FF, resulting in 0x200. These clients store the results in a temporary value of 2 bytes which results in a zero value being stored. This causes various system components to malfunction.

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