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JSI Tip 1215. How do I add custom registry settings to the Security Configuration Tool Set?

While the Security Configuration Tool Set contains many security settings, it may not include some registry entries that you want to set.

You can extend the tool set by using regedt32 to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SeCEdit\RegValues

For each new option that you want displayed under Policies/Security Options, add a subkey that is the registry path to the Value Name you want to set.

Example: If you want to Hide a Server from the Browser, Add Key name:


Add three Value Names to this key:

DisplayName - A type REG_SZ entry that contains the text string you want displayed in Policies/Security Options.

DisplayType - A type REG_DWORD entry that lets you select the interface you see when modifying this (Hidden) setting:

 Value   Interface 
 0   Enabled/Disabled check box. 
 1   Scroll box (Range from 0-999). 
 2   Text Box. 
 3   Always/As Request/Not Compatible check box. 
 >=4   Enabled; Disabled check box. 

ValueType - A type REG_DWORD entry that specifies the Data Type of the (Hidden) entry:

 Value   Data Type 
 0   REG_NONE 
 1   REG_SZ 
 6   REG_LINK 

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