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JSI Tip 0676 - How do I get the Schedule service to run under a Domain Admin account on all my NT PCs w/o traveling?

Using SC from Supplement Two of the Resource kit, you can build a batch job.

1. Build a file of computer names (Servers and/or Workstations) that you want to configure. The format of ComupterName.txt is:


2. Create Config_Schedule.bat file in your path:

@echo off
echo Config_Schedule %1 %2 %3
if exist %1 goto OK
@echo Syntax: Error: Config_schedule "<Drive:>\<Path>\ComputerName.txt" DomainName\UserName password
goto end
if .%2.

.. goto bad
if .%3.

.. goto bad
for /f %%i in ('type %1') do call Config_schedS %%i %2 %3

3. Create Config_SchedS.bat in your path:

@echo off
@echo ________________________________________________
@echo %1
sc \\%1 stop Schedule
sleep 4
echo sc \\%1 config Schedule start= auto obj= %2 password= %3
sc \\%1 config Schedule start= auto obj= %2 password= %3
sc \\%1 start Schedule

To log the results, type:

Config_schedule "<Drive:>\<Path>\ComputerName.txt" DomainName\UserName password >> "<Drive:>\<Path>\Config_Schedule.log" 2>&1

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