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JSI Tip 0000 - How to edit the Windows NT Registry.

The Windows NT Registry Editor is REGEDT32.exe and is located in the %windir%\system32 sub-directory. By default, no icon is placed on your desktop. You can use explorer to drill down to this file, right click, and create a shortcut. (This will be at the bottom of the current window). Cut this shortcut and past it in your %windir%\profiles\UserId\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools.
Until you become comfortable with registry navigation and editing, consider setting options/read_only to prevent accidental modification. Click on Window/Cascade to display the 5 panes available. 99% of all your registry activities will use the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE pane and the HKEY_USERS pane. I suggest that you open the registry help and become familiar with the terminology, navigation and editing tools. Spend enough time navigating in read-only mode so you become comfortable.

You might want to get into the habit of creating a new ERD (Emergency Repair Disk) by running RDISK.EXE /S before making registry changes. I keep about 5 generations of the ERD. I also use ConfigSafe ( $35 ) to make frequent snapshots of the registry before and after making changes. I use this tool to track changes caused by new installs and configuration options (and to restore a snapshot if I or an install mess up) .

Heed the Microsoft warning about registry manipulation. DO NOT BECOME CASUAL AS YOU BECOME FAMILIAR.

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