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India Gets Windows XP Starter Edition

Just a day after Microsoft announced that it will soon ship Windows XP Starter Edition to Russia, the company revealed today that India also will get the low-cost, easy-to-use XP version next year. XP Starter Edition is designed for first-time PC users in emerging technology markets that haven't traditionally embraced commercial software.
"Today, technology is a catalyst for economic and social change around the world but many countries, including our own, have a long way to go in providing access to technology and the related skill," Microsoft India Chairman and General Manager Ravi Venkatesan said. "We are confident that this low-cost, customized, and localized technology solution will spur PC usage, creating a new breed of technology-aware citizens to contribute to India's growth as an IT superpower. Creating a product of this nature is a first for us at Microsoft as well, and we hope that Windows XP Starter Edition finds a place in the hearts and homes of consumers across India."
Microsoft says that it designed XP Starter Edition in collaboration with various world governments that were concerned because their citizens didn't have access to low-cost computing. The product offers entry-level computing capabilities combined with localized customizations and XP's stability and compatibility.

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