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CES 2006 Blog, Day 1: Wednesday

9:00 pm. I had expected to get this up earlier, but it's been a busy day. Here's the short version of what happened today.

To the airport by 8:00 a.m., which was surprisingly painless, given the way Boston traffic usually goes. An uneventful flight, which was appreciated, and I arrived in Las Vegas at about 1:00 pm or so. After neatly bypassing an hour-long-wait in the taxi line by hooking up with a sky cab, I headed to the Las Vegas Convention Center to pick up my press credentials. That done, I hopped on the suddenly handy monorail and headed over to my hotel, the Sahara, which is just a single stop away on the monorail line.

It seemed like things were running too smoothly, but my good luck persisted. After grabbing lunch in the Sahara buffet (which is lousy and far away from the guest elevators), I grabbed a quick shower, and headed out for my first meeting, with Lenovo's ThinkPad group, at 4:00pm at the Bellagio. This required a bit of work, as the Bellagio isn't on the monorail line, and is instead on the other side of the Strip. But because the monorail runs along the rear side of the hotels on one side of the Strip, you have to walk through an entire casino/hotel just to get the street, then cross the Strip, and then make your way into the Bellagio. Long story short, I got there eventually (and, curiously, on time).

After a few meetings, I had dinner with Brian Livingston and skipped out on the Gates keynote, which I was pretty much already up on, and, as I later discovered, didn't really miss anything. We headed over to the Pepcom Digital Experience event after that, which was fantastic as always. I'll have a bunch of pictures (on the SuperSite) and a write-up about that in the morning, but I've got work to do now, and then some sleep if I'm lucky.

Regular updates tomorrow.

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