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Apple Goes Blue

Apple Computer has picked its side in the Blu-ray-versus-HD-DVD format war. The company announced that it has joined the Blu-ray Associations Board of Directors and will work with the consortium to help market the format. The Cupertino-based iPod creator (oh, and they still make computers, too) plans on adding support for the format in its upcoming Macintosh products. With new releases of its iMovie and Final Cut products, Apple recently began a strong push toward convincing users to adopt high-definition (HD) video. The Blu-ray format supports up to 50GB of storage and will compete with the HD-DVD format to become the standard next-generation disc storage format. Unlike HD-DVD, Blu-ray doesn't offer backward-compatibility with today's DVDs, although it does offer more storage. Apple joins other companies—including Dell, HP. and Panasonic—in supporting Blu-ray. Apple's popularity with creative professionals should help give the format an edge over rival HD-DVD, but we haven't heard the last in the format battle, which is expected to continue for at least the next few years

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