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Apple Flash Rumors

Although iPod maker Apple Computer has often criticized flash-based portable music players, the company appears to be on the verge of expanding its iPod product line to include flash-based models. Watch for a possible announcement at next month's MacWorld. Stories have leaked from the usually leak-proof company that flash-based products—possibly including iPods and smart phones—are in the works. Then, Apple all but confirmed the stories last week when it sued "anonymous" posters for divulging its trade secrets. Current iPods use hard disks for storage, but flash-based portable music players still lead the market in sales. Apple has enjoyed great success with the iPod, and we're sure its success will help the company dominate the flash market, which is currently split among players from companies such as Creative Labs, iRiver, Rio, and RCA. Flash devices are popular because of their small form factor, but their storage capacity is far less than rival hard-disk-based devices. We expect Apple to introduce an innovative and stylish product, but it will mostly likely be overpriced. Hey, it's Apple

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