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AMD Files Antitrust Suit Against Intel - 29 Jun 2005

Intel accused of coercing vendors into using only Intel chips

AMD has filed a wide-ranging antitrust suit against Intel, accusing the chip rival of maintaining a monopoly in the PC processor market by illegally coercing customers to use its products. The suit identifies 38 companies on three continents that Intel allegedly coerced, including large-scale computer makers, small system builders, wholesale distributors, and retailers. The 48-page complaint alleges that Intel used illegal subsidies to win sales and even threatened companies with "severe consequences" for using or selling AMD products. A spokeswoman for Intel said the company had yet to receive formal notice of the complaint from AMD or the US courts. The case pits Intel, the world's largest manufacturer of microprocessors, against its main rival in what could be a long legal fight.

--Jason Bovberg

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