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An Alternative to Windows Vista

Editor's Note: We hope you enjoy our attempts at April Fool's humor in the following article!

My company's Windows 2000 Professional (Win2K Pro) machines are nearing the end of their usefulness, so I know we have to migrate soon. However, after hearing about all the problems everyone has been having with Windows Vista, I haven't been looking forward to it. I thought that Vista was our only option—that is, until I did some research.

I had read that the first service pack for Vista was released for manufacturing ("It's Official: Windows Vista SP1, 2008 Head to Manufacturing," InstantDoc ID 98196), so I went online to find more information about it. I was hoping I could at least migrate right to Vista SP1, thereby avoiding some of the problems my sys admin friends were facing. My search, though, revealed something totally unexpected. By sheer happenstance, I stumbled across a nonpublicized announcement few people know about.

Following the lead of the Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft has announced it will again offer Windows XP, under the name of "Windows XP Classic." (For those of you too young to remember, back in April 1985, the Coca-Cola Company released a new formula for its mainstay product. There was such a backlash that by July of that year, the company started selling its old formula again under the name of Coca-Cola Classic.)

Apparently, the cries of discontentment with Vista haven't reached deaf ears. So, despite the release of Vista SP1, I'm going to wait for "Windows XP Classic." If you'd like to read more about "Windows XP Classic," go to It’s the only place I found with this information.
—Ima April Fool, systems administrator, NoSuch Company

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