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An update regarding Windows Home Server Power Pack 1

The Windows Home Server team updates us on PP1 and the data corruption bug:

Thanks for all of the thoughtful feedback, passion and insights in this post on the Windows Home Server Community Forums about shipping Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 concurrently, versus prior to the data corruption fix.  We took your feedback into consideration during a recent set of team meetings.  The Windows Home Server Storage and Test teams feel strongly that a combined release is the best option because it will result in a better quality product.  The current plan of record is to combine the fix for the data corruption bug (KB article #946676) with the release of Power Pack 1.

The team is making great progress on the data corruption issue.  We plan on releasing a beta of Power Pack 1 with the data corruption bug fix to our hardware and software Partners, Microsoft MVPs, Windows Home Server Insiders, and Microsoft Employees in April.   And then based on feedback and additional testing, we currently plan on releasing a public beta in May.  If you are interested in participating in a future public beta, go to to register.  When the Power Pack 1 software is ready for public testing, we will contact the people that have already registered at the Windows Home Server Connect site with more details on the public beta program.

The Windows Home Server team

Thanks to David M. for the tip.

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