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Telerik Makes a Cluster of Announcements at DevConnections VS 2010 Launch

Telerik, a provider of development tools and solutions for the Microsoft .NET platform, today at the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Launch event in Las Vegas made announcements in four key areas:

  • Expansion of its product portfolio into four key areas
  • Delivery of new team productivity tools
  • Launch of a new automated testing tools product line
  • Release of a new developer tool to simplify unit test mocking

Expansion of product portfolio. As a result of its recent merger with ArtOfTest, a software QA technology vendor, and the establishment of a new business division with the consulting, training, and mentoring firm, Imaginet Resources, Telerik has expanded its product portfolio into four main divisions that address major cross-sections of the software development lifecycle. The four product division include developer productivity tools, team productivity tools, automated testing tools, and web content management tools.

Delivery of team productivity tools. Telerik has announced the launch of TeamPulse, an integrated suite of agile scheduling and planning tools for Microsoft’s team collaboration platform, Team Foundation Server (TFS). The first version of TeamPulse is available to users immediately in Beta and is scheduled for commercial launch in July 2010. Developed collaboratively with Imaginet Resources, TeamPulse enables software teams to effectively plan and measure results and continually improve their delivery process by combining agile and lean best practices with the power of TFS. The product focuses on addressing agile project management needs on a team-wide rather than individual basis. You can download the beta version of TeamPulse here.

Launch of automated testing tools product line. Telerik announced that it has release WebUI Test Studio 2010, an automated web-testing solution. The product launch comes as a result of Telerik's merger with ArtOfTest and marks Telerik’s entry into the QA and testing space.

"The market is saturated with tools for automated testing of web applications, however, these solutions are often hindered by generic feature sets, multiple layers of complexity, and outdated or non-existent support for emerging web technologies," said Christopher Eyhorn, executive vice president, Telerik Automated Testing Division. "Further, many of these tools are priced out of reach for the very customers who need them the most: small- and medium-sized businesses. Telerik is committed to addressing the needs of this underserved market by delivering a superior solution that transforms the way automated testing is done."

Telerik Automated Testing Tools features an intuitive, easy-to-use UI with visual storyboard and 3D element selection. Key features include:

  • Scriptless test automation for Silverlight applications
  • ASP.NET AJAX and MVC automation
  • Test reuse and web element abstraction
  • JavaScript validation
  • Cross-browser test execution
  • Data-driven testing

Telerik offers WebUI Test Studio in two editions: a standalone edition for QA professionals (US$2499) and a US$1499 Visual Studio plug-in for developers who want to perform functional testing themselves as well as in several other product bundles. You can find more information about Telerik's automated testing tools here.

Release of unit test mocking tool. Telerik has introduced JustMock, a productivity add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 that helps developers easily create object mockings in unit tests. JustMock is being introduced as a Beta and is scheduled for commercial release in July.

JustMock enables developers to test .NET code in an isolated environment, independent of any external resources such as databases, web services, or proprietary code. JustMock doesn’t put constraints on what can be mocked, thus allowing developers to work with objects traditionally inaccessible to mocking tools, such as sealed classes, non-virtual methods and properties, static classes, and static methods and properties. JustMock can also mock all classes and methods included in the MSCORLIB assembly, such as DateTime and FileInfo, which helps developers to create maintainable unit tests. Additionally, JustMock uses a strongly typed API, which ensures error-free mocking and easy unit test refactoring, and is tightly integrated with VisualStudio and MSBuild.

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