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Telerik Announces Q1 2012 Release, TeamPulse xView, and JustDecompile Official Version

Telerik, an end-to-end provider of software application lifecycle and content management solutions, announced a cluster of significant product releases and updates: the Q1 2012 Release, which provides major updates to more than 12 separate products in the Telerik development tools portfolio; TeamPulse xView, an extension to the TeamPulse project management and collaboration solution; and release of the official version of JustDecompile, a productivity tool that facilitates .NET assembly browsing and decompiling.

Q1 2012 Release

Following are highlights of product updates in Telerik's Q1 2012 release.

ASP.NET. The Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC suites each include enhancements. In RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, the RadEditor now includes a mega drop-down and allows comments, RadListView supports client-side binding, RadTreeList has an export to Excel feature, RadOrgChart now includes expand/collapse and drag and drop, and RadScheduler supports OData binding. Extensions for ASP.NET MVC includes a new Area chart type and additional enhancements, such as multiple value axes in charts and a new Plot Bands feature that lets you highlight a key area of a chart.


Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX RadTreeList control

Silverlight and WPF. Telerik RadControls for Silverlight and RadControls for WPF include the official release of RadChartView and RadTimeline and beta versions of the RadDiagrams and RadGanttView controls. RadGanttView helps developers visualize and manage hierarchical project data easily in an MVVM-friendly way, and RadDiagrams makes it easy to create rich data visualizations, rendered natively in XAML. The Silverlight and WPF tools also now support Microsoft Expression Blend, Visual Studio LightSwitch, and include other new features.

Windows Forms. Telerik RadControls for WinForms now includes native printing support for RadGridView and RadScheduler, allowing users to directly pass the controls' contents to a printer. Also included in the release are brand-new RadTimePicker and RadClock controls.

Reporting. Telerik Reporting now includes a beta version of the new Report Designer, a standalone authoring tool that lets non-technical users create ad hoc reports, based on Telerik Reporting. Reports are saved as XML files, so that they can be shared with other users.

Windows Phone. Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone includes new Application Building Blocks components to help improve the user experience and make apps more popular in the marketplace: Error Diagnostics, RateAppReminder, TrialReminder and LiveTileHelper. Also included are new Tooltip and Rating controls.


Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone RadDiagnostics

Productivity and data tools. The Q1 2012 release includes enhancements to Telerik OpenAccess ORM, JustCode, JustTrace, and JustMock, as well as the release out of beta of JustDecompile (more on this below).

For a complete list of the new features in Telerik's Q1 2012 Release, see the What's New in Q1 2012 page.

TeamPulse xView

TeamPulse xView provides single-window visibility across a number of projects at the same time. This capability allows project managers to view multiple software projects at a glance and more easily identify problem areas. TeamPulse xView offers three views:

  • Project Status View: This view provides users with a real-time project heat map, giving a complete view into the progress and health of all their projects -- including information related to bugs and progress-blocking issues, the overall progress of a release or iteration, and the expected project end date.
  • People View: Similarly to the Project Status View, the People View highlights the progress of people across projects.
  • My Perspective View: This view helps users track their assigned work across all the projects they are working on by displaying all their items grouped by one of three states: not started, in progress, and done.

TeamPulse xView comes as an extension to Telerik's TeamPulse and is priced at $1799 per server.


Telerik has released the official version of the JustDecompile code-productivity tool, which is being offered for free as a way for Telerik to thank the greater community of .NET developers who provided feedback on the JustDecompile beta. JustDecompile ships with built-in support for auto-updating and includes Telerik's customary level of support. New releases of JustDecompile will be included in each of the yearly three major releases of Telerik's developer tools.

This .NET decompiler provides a number of decompiling language features, including lambda expressions, generics, yield statements, and auto-generated properties. JustDecompile offers advanced code search and navigation features that help developers easily and quickly locate and navigate to selected parts of their code.

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