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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: September 29, 2010

Some interesting figures from the NYT Bits blog.

The gap separating Apple and Microsoft at the close of trading on May 26 [was] $222.12 billion versus $219.18, or $2.94 billion ... the gap separating Apple and Microsoft during midday trading on Tuesday [was] $49.53 billion. Apple’s market capitalization has surged to $263.75 billion, while Microsoft sits at $214.14 billion.

Further proof that AOL is irrelevant and just doesn't understand that yet: It purchased TechCrunch.

Nintendo to Launch 3-D Hand-held in February. Just in time for the holidays. (President's Day?)

My Apple TV arrived earlier today. Typical of Apple's recent products, it's smaller than it needs to be. But it seems to work well. Netflix has search, which is nice. Review to follow...

Nazi zombies are returning in Call of Duty Black Ops! :) Nice.

Google is allowing people to turn off conversation view in Gmail for the first time. This is a frequent complaint, though I bet most have simply gotten used to it.

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