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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: November 5, 2010

I had to leave the house before 5:00 am today to catch a train to New York City. I'm heading there for a Microsoft reviewer's workshop--not sure yet if I can say for which product(s)--and will be in and out pretty quickly, and back home by dinner. Anyway, that explains the early start. If I don't fall asleep sometime today it will be a miracle. Currently on the Amtrak en-route...


Nice little Amtrak delay thanks to a "line down" and the fact that Amtrak doesn't own the tracks, so the other trains got to go first. So I was an hour late. It's a Microsoft Lync workshop, BTW.


Apple killed its XServe servers. I know, I know. They make servers?


Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend in the US. This seems about as late as its ever been.

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