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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: January 2, 2011

Did Raymond Chen just solve the mystery of the Windows clipboard bug? The one the Windows team couldn't find or fix? I think he did. Thanks to David R. for the link.


More silly link-bait: Business Insider coyly asks, Is Google The Next Yahoo? Duh. Obviously not. Google is far more diversified than Yahoo ever was, thanks to its bucketloads of cash and insatiable expansion appetite. They're not even comparable. Obviously.


People often wonder what the difference is between journalism and blogging, but I actually think it's pretty clear cut. For example, reporting on the latest Google Doodle? Not journalism, no matter where the story appears. Heck, it's even lazy from a blogging standpoint. In fact, that's sort of how I define it: If it's lazy and lacks even cursory research, it's blogging.


And here's a cute intersection of both silly link-bait and non-journalism: The Register (also coyly) asks, iPad's biggest rival? Microsoft's dead Courier. Wrong again, monkey boy. The Courier is a dumb idea, and let's stop pretending otherwise, please. But what the heck, let's spend a second actually answering a semi-rhetorical, completely fanciful, headline-based question: What is the iPad's "biggest rival"? Today, it's the Samsung Galaxy Tab, an Android-based tablet that fixes the size problem of the iPad but then introduces a slew of new problems, all based around the inexplicably inconsistent Android UI. Looking ahead to 2011 and beyond, the iPad's real rivals are, of course, a slew of Android-based tablets, the RIM PlayBook, a handful of Windows 7-based tablets that actually work, and, maybe, just maybe, a generation of ARM-based Windows Embedded tablets. We'll see. But this is such a silly conversation. The Tab is it, today.


I like ZD's Christopher Dawson a lot, and he has an interesting taken on Paul Allen's spurious tech industry patent lawsuits. According to the Allen camp, it's all "posturing and process," which pretty much proves my point about using this as an excuse to clean up the US patent system: It's just a waste of time and money. Still not convinced? Allen's camp believes "that a settlement in this case was very likely with Allen walking away with some money." Great. Just what that guy needs. And deserves.

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