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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: December 23, 2010

Good morning.

It's Christmas Eve Eve, if you will, and that means it's Friday even though it's really Thursday, which means I need to work up a Short Takes this morning. (Update: It's available now. )Ah, the holidays.

DVICE has an interesting look at gadgets for people who "frickin' hate Apple." There are some interesting choices in there, but I don't really subscribe to the "hate Apple" thing. The point is to choose those solutions that makes the most sense for you, and the appeal of the Apple stuff is understandable. My problem with Apple's products is that they're often Windows-unfriendly, not agnostic, but downright hostile. And if you're tired of being treated like a second class citizen, this list isn't a bad place to start. That said, I think the Samsung Focus is a better choice than the HTC HD7, and is in fact the single best smart phone experience in the world right now. I also feel that the WD TV Live Hub is the superior offering to the current Boxee Box, though that could change over time.

Leo and I will be recording the Windows Weekly podcast today at 2pm ET, which is the usual day and time. But this is the last original episode of the year; I guess TWiT is off next week for the holidays. 

More soon....
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