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Using a Command to Move a Virtual Instance

I'm not a Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) expert, but I need to move a virtual instance of SQL Server from Node1 to Node2 within a cluster. I know how to perform this action by using the Windows 2000 Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Cluster Administrator snap-in (the Cluster Administrator GUI in Windows NT 4.0), but I need to move the instance during a non-peak time (early morning). How can I use a command-line tool to schedule the move instead of using the GUI?

Knowing everything about SQL Server is a big chore, so many SQL Server DBAs aren't MSCS experts. The cluster.exe command provides a simple way to move the virtual instance. (For information about cluster.exe, read SQL Server's Help files.) However, you can also move the virtual SQL Server instance from Node1 to Node2 by using the following command:

cluster SQLCluster group "SQLVS1"

You can schedule this command by using any standard tool that can run OS-level commands. For example, SQL Server Agent provides a convenient interface and would probably meet your needs.

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