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SQL Sentry Power Suite 8.0 Improves Performance Tuning, Optimization Image Credit: SQL Sentry

SQL Sentry Power Suite 8.0 Improves Performance Tuning, Optimization

SQL Sentry has announced the availability of the latest version of its SQL Sentry Power Suite, which provides users with an end-to-end monitoring solution for SQL Server. This release focuses on three different categories, which includes intelligent performance alerting, flexible performance baselining, and cloud access to shared performance data. Here's an overview of each feature:

  • Intelligent alerting. This new feature provides advanced performance alerting, enhanced change detection, and an advisory rule builder. The latest version include over 20 preconfigured conditions, and you can also custom-tailor conditions to meet the needs of your environment.
  • Baselining. With this feature, you can compare current and past performance, which lets you quickly detect, alert, and resolve negative trends before they become a serious issue.
  • The Cloud Portal. The new cloud portal provides users with access to their SQL Sentry performance and event data from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

Pricing for the Power Suite for SQL Server begins at $1,995 per license. If you're a current user of the suite, then you can visit the SQL Sentry website to download the latest version.

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