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New Products, December 2002


Update Tables

Laplas Soft announced SQLExecMS, a database-administration tool that supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. You can use the software to view and update data in your tables by using a grid or a field-by-field presentation. You can execute T-SQL statements by using the tool's syntax editor and code assistance feature. SQLExecMS lets you view index fragmentation in graph and text mode. The software also lets you generate SQL scripts to manage table data, users, and roles. Contact Laplas Soft at [email protected] or

Compare and Synchronize Database Schemas

e-dule Software announced DB SynchroComp 2.0, a tool for SQL Server that compares and synchronizes two database schemas. The software generates scripts that change the target database structure to match the source database structure. DB SynchroComp determines differences in functions and stored procedures by comparing the text of procedures. The software shows the results of database schema comparison hierarchically by displaying dependent objects below their parents. DB SynchroComp supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing is $499.95. Contact e-dule Software at [email protected] or

Clean Up Objects

LockwoodTech Software announced SQLClean 2.0, software for SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 that can help you determine which tables and views in your database you're using. SQLClean also analyzes the database to see what internal references exist between objects, then generates a file of SQL DROP statements to clean your database of useless objects. You can create file-search patterns to analyze all the files of a particular language or project. SQLClean is part of the SQL Developer Pack, which also includes Proc-Blaster, Auto-Audit, and Auto-Inserts. For pricing, contact LockwoodTech Software at [email protected] or


Understand How Your Application Interacts with the Database

Compuware announced DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Microsoft SQL Server, an application-development tool for building, debugging, and monitoring stored procedures. To better understand how your application interacts with the database, you can perform proactive debugging of T-SQL within the context of your application. The latest release features enhanced XML support and implementation to give you a smooth transition to SQL Server 2000. The tool lets you control program execution and modify program variables. DevPartnerDB supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and costs $800. Contact Compuware at 248-737-7300 or http://www


Scan SQL Server for Security Holes

NGS Software announced NGSSQuirreL, a security and audit-management tool for SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 that can scan SQL Server for security holes and generate a lockdown script based on the vulnerabilities it finds. NGSSQuirreL determines whether an intruder has changed the BUILTIN\Administrators xstatus to create a backdoor entry into SQL Server. The software also determines whether intruders have created stored procedures in the startup procedure to get continued access. NGSSQuirreL can discover and fully audit custom applications, examining stored procedures and triggers, table and view permissions, and the common and not-so-common misconfigurations that can leave your database open to attack. For pricing, contact NGS Software at [email protected] or

Manage User Permissions

Crockett & Associates announced SQL Security Administrator, software that lets you add database users, groups, or roles and set database object permissions. You can view and maintain permissions for multiple databases. The software also lets you view users' permissions, including permissions inherited from the roles they've been assigned to. You can also view specific permissions assigned directly to users. Pricing is $149. The software supports SQL Server 2000, 7.0, and 6.5. Contact Crockett & Associates at 480-802-0141 or


Create Web Pages

TheDevShop announced dbQwikSite 2.0, software that lets you create Web pages by using your database data. The software can produce Web catalogs, lists, and online store sites. The program connects to any database, including SQL Server, through ADO or ODBC. The preview feature lets you see how the final generated pages will appear with the data. The Standard version produces static HTML sites. The Pro version adds Active Server Pages (ASP) to let you search, add, edit, and delete data and manage server data remotely. dbQwikSite runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, and Windows 9x systems. The Standard version costs $79, and the Pro version costs $129. Contact TheDevShop at [email protected] or


Send Data to Wireless Devices

MobileSys announced the MobileSys Network Delivery Channel (NDC), a free download for MobileSys Network customers that lets you add wireless connectivity to solutions you develop using SQL Server 2000 Notification Services. The MobileSys NDC, combined with the MobileSys Network, lets users send notification messages to any wireless device. The MobileSys NDC uses Short Message Service (SMS) protocols to reach mobile users. The MobileSys Network connects enterprises and application service providers (ASPs) with their employees, customers, and partners. For more information, contact MobileSys at 650-623-3700 or


Archive Data

Princeton Softech announced Archive for Servers 5.0, software that helps you implement an archiving strategy so that you can quickly remove complete sets of rarely used data from your production databases. Archived data remains active so that end users can access it whenever they need to. Archive for Servers lets you manage, research, and browse archived data and selectively restore data. To improve database performance, Archive for Servers stores data logically. The software supports SQL Server 2000. Pricing starts at $50,000. Contact Princeton Softech at 609-627-5500, 800-457-7060, or http://www

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