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My Catch-Up Post for the 2010

I did a lot of writing in 2010. Unfortunately, I didn't do a good job of keeping all of that writing equally distributed throughout all of the channels where I'm active.

So here are a few more posts from my blog, put on-line during the months of November and December 2010, that I didn't get posted here on

1. It's Time to Upgrade!

So many of my customers and many of you, dear readers, are still on SQL Server 2005.  Join Kevin Kline, SQL Server MVP and SQL Server Technology Strategist for Quest Software and Brent Ozar, SQL Server Domain Expert for Quest Software as they introduce the top ten features and capabilities in SQL Server 2008 that they find to be the most exciting and valuable.

2. Dealing with the Micromanaging Boss

Bad bosses are the suckThis is probably my favorite professional development article of the year.  Micromanagers make us feel untrusted and stymied by their constant need for tediously detailed and frequent updates, constant changes to minor details of our work, and overly developed attention to administrative details that really don’t matter in our daily job.  But there’s hope!  Get all of my career advice on dealing with micromanaging bosses here.

3. [Video] Troubleshooting Memory Pressure on SQL Server

This is a little bit of an older video. But it's still useful info if you're working with SQL Server 2005 or 2000. Check it out here.

4. [DBTA] What the Heck is Microsoft's Database Product Trajectory?

I was once asked what I thought Microsoft's overall product trajectory for SQL Server was, in light of Oracle's rather obvious trajectory of acquiring multiple application vendors who will, in turn, deploy more and more of their applications to the Oracle database platform. You can read all about my thoughts in my monthly column at Database Trends & Application magazine - [READ MORE]

5. Eight Characteristics of Excellent Leaders [Plays Well With Others]

In this installment of my professional development column called Plays Well With Others, I talk about what distinguishes truly great leaders. There's a lively discussion on the topic and I encourage you to take part. Read it here.

6. The Shape of Database Licensing Costs to Come [DBTA]

Graphs Do Not Always Help Explain the SituationOne fall semester many years ago, I was a university freshman.  Actually, I was anything but "fresh." I was dumb enough to think that 8 a.m. was a wonderful time to attend Economics 101. After staying up until the wee hours most every night, the "dismal science" took on more than one meaning as I set my clock just early enough to get to class on time.  Along with 30 other very naÏve classmates, I staggered into class and did my bleary-eyed best to focus on the lessons at hand.  There were lots of Greek compound words and lots of graphs.

I learned, for example, that the word economics derives from the Greek "oikonomikos," which means, approximately, "death by slidedecks" and, specifically, "house" (oikos) and "management" (mikos).  I barely survived the experience and never took an 8 a.m. class again.  Imagine my surprise, then, when a lesson I'd learned (and promptly forgotten) all those years ago jumped back into my consciousness late last year. - [READ MORE]

7. So You're the Boss Now... [Plays Well with Others]

If you have any ambition at all, you have probably wanted (and possibly gotten) a promotion over your current colleagues. If you've been there before, you know that once friendly relationships can get, well, weird. Read my tips and tricks for how to make the most of this situation in this professional development article.

8. The NoSQL Movement - Hype or Hope?

NoSQL is no fad. And you need to be in the "know", not necessarily in the "No". Gno? Pneu? Too many phonetically similar pronunciations! Read my thoughts on the NoSQL movement on one of Database Trends & Applications magazine's most popular articles of the year. - [READ MORE]

9. Effectiveness and Efficiency at Work [Video]

In this golden oldie (yes, two years constitutes "old"), I present my thoughts on how to be both effective and efficient on the job and in life in general. And if you didn't know that these are different concepts, then you need this video most muchly.

10. What's Your Data Management and Retention Policy? [DBTA]

If managing your corporate data for the long term isn't currently on your mind, it should be, and in several different ways: cost, performance, business continuity, and compliance. [READ MORE]

And, of course, I hope to see you're comments soon!

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