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Site work continues

I've futzed a bit with the site menus again today. Hopefully I can leave them alone for a bit and focus more on the site structure itself. I'd like to have more sections like "Windows Vista" and "Xbox" that are devoted to particular technologies. So if you want to learn about Windows Server, digital media, or whatever, you'll have a single page to visit. It will get there. But these things take time.

I will try and get the blog/forum look and feel up to speed with the rest of the site as well. I can't directly access the code for that, so I have to go through tech people at Penton. These things, too, take time. 

Also, I've got a slew of articles in the oven, some of which will be based around my meetings last week with Microsoft. A Windows Home Server review. A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Windows Server 2008. An overview of SQL Server 2008. A bunch of Windows Live stuff, including some mobile reviews. More Halo 3. An overview of the Xbox 360's digital media features. Cloud computing, Part 1: Email. Green computing. Digital Media Core. The list kind of goes on and on. In what must be the most inefficient way of doing things, I don't write individual articles all in a sitting, usually, but rather jump around a lot. That results in occasional orphan articles, but it's the way I work. I can't explain it. And don't necessarily recommend it.

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