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RadiantQ Releases Silverlight Gantt Controls Package 1.5

RadiantQ, a software development firm focused on Microsoft Silverlight, has released version 1.5 of its Silverlight Gantt Controls Package. The Gantt controls package lets developers add a Microsoft Project-like task hierarchy, scheduling, and constraints to their web applications. Version 1.5 adds a new FlexyGantt control to the Gantt Controls Package.

The FlexyGantt is a lightweight Gantt control that can bind to any kind of project/resource hierarchy to display their associated tasks. Both the Gantt Control and FlexyGantt have an editable multi-column tree list, dynamic and zoomable time scale headers, rich and interactive task bars, and support printing.

You can view a demo of the Silverlight Gantt Controls Package at An evaluation version of the product is available on the RadiantQ website. Pricing starts at $599 for one developer license.

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