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Typemock Offers Free .NET Unit Testing and Mocking Tool: Isolator Basic

Typemock Offers Free .NET Unit Testing and Mocking Tool: Isolator Basic

Typemock, a provider of unit testing solutions for software developers, is now offering a free version of its Typemock Isolator .NET unit testing tool: Typemock Isolator Basic. Isolator Basic addresses the need of developers who want a quality unit-testing tool for a low entry price, offering an alternative to open source community testing frameworks. Like the paid versions of Typemock Isolator, Isolator Basic allows unit testing of .NET or C/C++ code.

According to Eli Lopian, founder and CEO of Typemock, the advantage of Isolator Basic is that it offers more functionality than comparable open source frameworks. "While open source projects can meet basic unit testing needs, many of the most common mocking frameworks have not been updated in months or even years, and offer limited functionality," said Lopian. "Typemock Isolator Basic is the only free unit-testing tool that offers not just a mocking framework, but a complete unit-testing tool suite."

Unit Testing with Typemock Isolator Basic, a Free .NET Software Development Tool

The Typemock Isolator Basic free developer tool includes some of the core key features available in the paid Isolator versions. Isolator Basic's main features are SmartRunner, which runs relevant unit tests after each build and pinpoints errors; visual code coverage, which shows where your code is covered and what still needs to be tested; and the ability to mock interfaces and abstract classes.

You can download Isolator Basic on the Typemock Isolator product page.

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