Top 10 Stories About Programming Languages of 2023 (So Far)

ITPro Today's most-read programming language stories include lists of the top languages, a look at the most in-demand IT skills, and a Python cheat sheet.

Henry Chapman, Contributor

July 22, 2023

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Advances in Python and Java, prevailing demand for blockchain programming skills, and the concerning pitfalls of general-purpose programming languages round out our midyear roundup of most popular stories about programming languages in 2023. In the first half of the year, we gave IT professionals an in-depth look at the current state of programming languages and forecasted future trends.

1. Top Programming Language Trends in 2023

We shared our predictions for programming language trends in 2023, expecting Python to continue to dominate and for PHP to further diminish in popularity. Delve deeper into emerging trends, such as low- and no-code platforms empowering app development with minimal code experience.

2. Anaconda Aims to Democratize Python with PyScript

Python app development became a lot easier in March with the launch of, a service allowing users access to PyScript shortcuts and tools at a secure web address. ITPro Today walked readers through the impact will have on democratizing programming and data science.

3. Blockchain, JavaScript Most In-Demand Programming Skills

The demand for blockchain programming skills soared in 2022 despite crashes in the crypto market, according to DevSkiller's Digital & IT Skills Report 2023. The report listed JavaScript, Java, SQL, and Python as the most sought-after programming skills by hiring managers.

4. What Is the State of the Java Ecosystem in 2023?

Java's programming language, created in 1995, remains one of the most popular technologies for app development, according to a study by New Relic. ITPro Today contributor Sean Michael Kerner reports on key findings that indicate the versatility and evolution of Java over time.

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5. The Problem with General-Purpose Programming Languages

Technology analyst and ITPro Today contributor Christopher Tozzi argues for domain-specific programming languages. Giving readers an overview of the rise of general-purpose programming languages, Tozzi cites the problems these languages pose for software development, including complex and error-prone code.

6. Python Commands Cheat Sheet

This resource guides Python users through the less-intuitive commands, syntax, and operators of the popular programming language. Download the free cheat sheet to get started coding in Python.

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7. Top 7 Programming Languages for IT Engineers to Learn

Our explainer from May gives IT engineers a look at top programming languages to learn, including Bash, PowerShell, Python, and more. Read about the unique strengths of each as you consider expanding your programming skill set.

8. Oracle Java Price Hike Could Be an Opportunity for OpenJDK Vendors

Subscriptions to Oracle's fully supported version of Java, SE, rose in January, providing a boon to OpenJDK vendors. Third-party providers of the open source version of Java had already seen an increase in popularity before this price change, a trend that may accelerate in response to Oracle's price changes, according to Azul CEO Scott Sellers.

9. Java 20 Boosts Productivity, Performance of Open Source Programming Language

In March, Oracle announced Java 20, the latest release of the popular programming language. Learn about the updates that aim to improve concurrency and scalability, and preview enhanced features such as new pattern matching capabilities and lightweight virtual threads.

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10. How to Choose a 'Secondary' Programming Language

Here are criteria IT professionals should consider when selecting a "secondary" programming language. Compatibility, popularity, ubiquity, and how this new skillset might broaden or distinguish IT professionals' market appeal are all discussed in our how-to guide.


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