Programming Languages in 2022: Top Stories So Far

Our most-read articles on programming languages from the first half of 2022 include analyses of Python and Rust as go-to languages, and coverage of the latest Java and Node.js updates.

Rick Dagley

July 8, 2022

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ITPro Today ran a poll recently asking developers to identify their favorite programming language. Nearly 40% of respondents chose Python, which wasn't surprising since it is currently the top programming language. What may have been surprising is that ITPro Today tech expert Christopher Tozzi believes Python shouldn't be No. 1.

Tozzi's much-debated piece on Python was ITPro Today's top programming language story of the first half of 2022, but readers were also drawn to our coverage of the most recent updates to Java and Node.js and our deep dives into why languages such as COBOL and Rust are flourishing.

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Here's a rundown of ITPro Today's top programming language stories of 2022.

1. Python Is Now Top Programming Language — But Shouldn't Be         

Should Python hold the crown as the top programming language? Christopher Tozzi offers four reasons why he isn't as bullish on Python as most everyone else is. Be sure to check out Reverend Jim's rebuttal of Tozzi's points in the comments section, and let us know which side of the Python debate you're on — and why.

2. Java 18 Brings New Features to Accelerate Software Development

Although Java 18 isn't a Long Term Support release, it does include new capabilities that ease application development. Here's a look at what's new in Java.

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3. COBOL Language Still in Demand as Application Modernization Efforts Take Hold

One of the oldest programming languages, COBOL is still going strong. Read why the number of currently running lines of COBOL code — as many as 850 billion — is nearly double previous estimates.

4. Most Popular Programming Languages: What's Hot, What's Not in 2022

Don't expect the state of programming languages to change much from the beginning to the end of 2022. But do expect a world that is even more Python-centric – and where MATLAB somehow remains super popular.

5. Node.js 18 JavaScript Framework Improves Security, Adds Fetch API

The latest release of the open-source Node.js improves both developer productivity and security. Read more about what's new in the popular JavaScript framework and what the next 10 years will bring.

6. Slideshow: 7 Hottest Programming Languages of 2022

Some of the programming languages on this list have been popular for quite a while; others are just beginning to win the favor of developers. But all are worth familiarizing yourself with.

7. What Is a Programming Language?

If you are reading this roundup, you probably already know the answer to the question: "What is a programming language?" But do you know the main differences between programming languages, and what programming languages can and can't do well? This article tackles these questions and more.


8. Rust Programming Language: Security, Efficiency Driving Growth

"Rust is an exciting new language that's starting to gain traction in the wider software engineering industry," claims Scott Wilson, chair of the ASWF Rust Working Group. This article explains why Rust is growing in popularity — and why it is the best choice for the sustainability-minded.

9. Is PHP Dying? No, but It Has an Image Problem

One programming language whose popularity is waning is PHP. But don't expect it to die off, since it's central to some of the world's largest platforms and websites. Find out what's in store for PHP and why it's in dire need of an image makeover.

10. Should Developers Learn Java Programming Language in 2022?

Java is no longer the go-to general-purpose programming language that it once was, but does that mean developers shouldn't bother learning it? Here are three reasons why Java still matters and three why you should no longer waste your time with it.

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