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OpenMake Software Offers OpenMake CloudBuilder: On-Demand Build Platform Services

OpenMake Software, a provider of build management products and services for software development, released OpenMake CloudBuilder, a component of OpenMake's Software Build to Release process that provides on-demand, cloud-based build platform services.

CloudBuilder uses both public and private cloud environments to automate the provisioning process as part of the software development life cycle. This usage of the cloud—for example, to enable the automatic construction and deconstruction of build servers on an as-needed basis—to provide virtual build environments can eliminate the need for maintaining multiple physical build machines and reduce operational costs for development.

"Developers are quickly adopting the use of virtual machines as part of their development toolset," said Tracy Ragan, cofounder and COO of OpenMake Software. "CloudBuilder allows for them to more easily access cloud resources as part of the build to release workflow. This substantially reduces the configuration 'drift' between development, QA, and production build machines and substantially improves repeatability across these diverse environments."

CloudBuilder supports VCenter, EC2, and Hyper-V Cloud environments. To learn more about CloudBuilder, visit OpenMake Software's CloudBuilder page.

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