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Here Comes the Next Office!

Microsoft today opened up a new blog, Office Next, to begin the discussion about the coming wave of Office 2013 products. And while the first post doesn’t give any indication when the eagerly awaited first preview will drop, reports from around the web suggest it’s imminent.

“I'm really excited to kick off this conversation and connect you with the engineers who are building future releases of Office,” Microsoft’s PJ Hough writes in the inaugural post. “Here, they'll discuss the improvements we make, the designs we choose and the data and feedback that inform our decisions.”

Microsoft previously announced a limited technical preview of Office 2013, then known by its codename of Office 15, and pledged a public beta for some time this summer. Of course, I’ve already written exhaustively about the Office 15 products, and the article list below will give you an idea of what’s coming when the public preview fires up.

Microsoft Office 15 Preview

What's Coming in Microsoft Office 15

What's Coming in Microsoft Word 15

What's Coming in Microsoft OneNote 15

What's Coming in Microsoft PowerPoint 15

What's Coming in Microsoft Outlook 15

Quick Peek: Office 15 Beta Refresh

I don’t have any information to share about the timing of the Office 15 public preview, but I can promise you this: As with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Release Preview milestones, you can expect a tsunami of material about Office 2013 here on the SuperSite for Windows the moment it happens.

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