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Mono Software Releases Free MonoX 4.0 CMS for ASP.NET

Mono Software, an ASP.NET component and software solutions provider, has released version 4.0 of MonoX, its free-of-charge content management system (CMS) and social networking platform for ASP.NET. MonoX provides an infrastructure and more than 50 core Web Parts that enable developers to build web portals and applications and includes features that support the creation of fully featured social environments.

Version 4.0 incorporates these new features:

  • a new StackOverflow-style knowledge exchange: MonoX discussion system can now support complex usage scenarios and features such as voting, closing, moderation, reputation, reporting, syntax highlighting, and mail alerting.
  • new social networking features: improved comments, ratings, tags and "related content" Web Parts with support for both programmatic control and web part connection scenarios
  • the addition of more customization properties to all parts in the gallery
  • a redesigned personalization system that now supports scenarios in which non-admin users need to edit partial content (Web Parts or whole pages)
  • sample starter projects (basic solution, localization sample)
  • full support for Active Directory membership provider

You can find more information about MonoX 4.0 on the MonoX website.

Sample website created with MonoX CMS

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