New Products, October 2006

Administer Multiple Databases in 1 Solution

AquaFold announced Aqua Data Studio 4.7, a database query and administration tool for SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, Sybase, IBM Informix, and PostgreSQL. The product's integrated database environment provides a single interface that lets you administer multiple relational databases. This product release features Visual Query Builder, which lets you graphically select tables, views, and relationships to build queries. Aqua Data Studio's SQL Formatter feature simplifies formatting SQL statements, and new Query Analyzer permissions restrict according to server type and connection the type of SQL statements that are executed. A single-user commercial license starts at $149. For more information, contact AquaFold at [email protected] or

Build a Compliance Process, Meet Audit Requirements

Lumigent Technologies announced Audit DB 5, a database auditing and assessment solution. Audit DB is a distributed system that lets you collect information about database activity and generates alerts about login activity and changes to database schema and permissions. Two modules target organizational policy and regulatory compliance: The Activity Monitoring Module identifies user database activity; the Assessment Module helps you assess and analyze that database activity. With one management console, you can configure and control data agents on the servers you're auditing. The agents capture all database activity and place it in a common repository, from which you can examine or archive the data. For more information, contact Lumigent at 978-206-3700, 866-586-4436, [email protected], or

Track SQL Server Database Dependencies

Red Gate Software announced SQL Dependency Tracker, a graphical, interactive tracker of SQL Server 2000 and 2005 database dependencies. The product lets you view, analyze, and document all of your SQL Server database dependencies in real time with six different layout modes. You can choose to view entire databases or only selected objects. You can save and export diagrams as pictures or XML reports. Pricing for SQL Dependency Tracker starts at $295 for one user. For more information, contact Red Gate at 866-733-4283, [email protected], [email protected], or

Mimic Production Environments

Agilist Technologies announced SQL Stress Test, a solution that lets you test your SQL Server database configuration and performance by simulating production environments. The product incorporates automated load testing, performance monitoring, baseline creation, and reporting in one solution. You control the number of virtual users SQL Stress Test creates and how often they execute SQL commands. You can save all test results for future comparison and analysis. A free trial version of the software is available. SQL Stress Test is priced at $699 per user license. For more information, contact Agilist Technologies at 610-704-5773, 800-614-9821, [email protected], or

Fax-Integration Solution for .NET Developers

FaxCore announced FaxCore Integration Server (FIS), a fax-integration solution built on Microsoft .NET technologies. FIS includes a single-server license, .NET Software Development Kit (SDK), SQL-compliant database, and SMTP email integration. The product supports as many as 25 users and is bundled with a print-to-fax printer driver. By leveraging FIS's .NET architecture and SDK, you can fax-enable customer relationship management (CRM), email, and office productivity software with minimal coding. For more information, contact FaxCore at 720-870-2900, [email protected], [email protected], or

Real-Time Monitoring and Security in 1 Solution

Application Security announced AppRadar 3, a real-time database-activity monitoring solution. The product provides monitoring capabilities at a granular level, letting you define the criteria for events and data that you want to capture. AppRadar tightly integrates with Application Security's application vulnerability assessment solution, AppDetective, so that after identifying vulnerabilities, you can remediate them. Additional features include flexible email triggers for improved alerting, and preconfigured policies for meeting compliance requirements. For more information, contact Application Security at 212-912-4100, 866-927-7732, or

Deliver Rules-Based Software to Your .NET Environment

Fair Isaac announced updates to its rules-management solution, Blaze Advisor 6.1 for .NET. The product lets you incorporate rules-based software into your existing applications, regardless of platform or programming language. This release features Rete III, Blaze Advisor's decision-management engine, which processes and executes complex, high-volume business rules faster and more efficiently. For more information, contact Fair Isaac at 612-758-5200, 888-342-6336, or

Manage Database Infrastructures with Your Mobile Device

Idera announced SQL mobile manager 2.3, a portable remote management and administration solution for SQL Server environments. Using a Windows Mobile device, you can securely monitor and manage your SQL Server infrastructure. SQL mobile manager provides real-time and historical performance metrics related to users, processes, batches, transactions, network traffic, and disk I/O. You can configure alerts for CPU utilization, database growth, network traffic, failed database jobs, and blocked processes. You can also execute T-SQL commands, start and stop a job, or reboot a server. Pricing for SQL mobile manager starts at $795 per SQL Server instance. For more information, contact Idera at 713-533-5144, 877-464-3372, [email protected], or

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