My Newest Book Effort

Book writing, for me, is a love/hate relationship.  I love having written books but I hate actually writing them.  On the other hand, writing articles and magazine columns isn't bad at all.

So one of the ways I've made book authorship less of a test of character is to work as a co-author.  My latest work was to write the "Interoperability" chapter in Louis Davidson's upcoming book from Apress entitled "Professional SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization".

Accoring to, this book:

     ...will teach you effective strategies for designing proper databases. It covers everything from gathering business requirements to logical data modeling and normalization. It then shows you how to implement your design on SQL Server 2005. The book is an excellent foundation for the MCAD/MCSE/MCDBA Database Design and Implementation exam.

I own Louis' first edition of this book (based on SQL Server 2000) and recommend you pick this one up if you do much database design and tuning.



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