Microsoft Demonstrates SQL Server 2000 Integration

Microsoft Corp. recently demonstrated ANGOSS Software Corp.’s data mining technology integrated with SQL Server 2000. The presentation outlined how application developers can leverage SQL Server 2000’s data mining capabilities and complementary third party solutions to deliver better value and enhance solutions. The demonstration was based on a closed-loop customer marketing application designed to maximize response and profitability of a sample data marketing initiative. The application was built by ANGOSS with customized versions of KnowledgeSTUDIO data mining ActiveX components integrated with SQL Server 2000. “We believe the SQL Server 2000 platform and Microsoft’s standards-based approach to the development of data mining-enabled applications will make data mining more accessible to developers, more understandable to users, and more affordable for everyone,” says Eric Apps, ANGOSS president. The demonstration was one of several Microsoft initiatives reviewed at Tech Ed 2000 earlier this month in Orlando, Florida, to empower developers to “build the business Internet” through the development of more intelligent standards-based enterprise applications that leverage the advanced data management and decision support capabilities of the SQL Server database platform, Site Server e-business platform, and Visual Studio developer tools.

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