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Memeo Connect for Google Apps

This handy little utility lets you manage your Google Apps-based documents from your desktop PC.

With Memeo Connect, you can:

Access any files locally from any desktop - Memeo Connect continuously syncs your Google Docs account with your desktop ensuring that you will always have access to your files, especially when you are offline.

Edit your Google Docs files offline - Memeo Connect provides you the ability to edit and sync any Google Docs files using Microsoft Office…it’s the perfect answer when you have to work offline.

Easily and quickly import all your files into Google Docs - Memeo Connect makes it even easier and faster to migrate all your files and folders into Google Docs, even preserving your original folder structure in the process.

Accurate offline viewing - Memeo Connect allows you to simply save all your Google Docs files as PDF files for accurate viewing offline when editing is not a requirement.

Store previous versions of your files, locally - Memeo Connect adds an additional layer of functionality by storing previous versions of your local files, allowing them to be recalled later.

Why Google doesn't offer something like this is unclear. Thanks to David Coursey for the find.

Update: This may require a paid Google Apps account to access, which of course reduces its usefulness to the world at large. Ah well.

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