Q. You receive 'Windows Delayed Write Failed' when you disconnect a SD (Secure Digital) card from a Windows XP computer?

When you disconnect a removable store device, like a SD card, from a Windows XP computer, you receive:

Windows Delayed Write Failed
Windows was unable to save all the data from the file <Drive:>\$Mft. The data has been lost.
This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection.
Please try to save this file elsewhere.

Once you receive this error, you cannot access files on the device without first restarting Windows XP.

This behavior will occur if you formatted the removable media using the NTFS file system, on a Windows Vista, or later operating system, computer.

NOTE: You cannot format removable media using NTFS in Windows XP.

If you must use NTFS formatted removable media in Windows XP, before disconnecting the device, you must right-click the device in Windows Explorer, or My Computer and press Eject.

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