In Brief: VoIP Security, Gone Phishing, New Mac OS X

Security Ramifications of VoIP

Using voice over IP (VoIP) technologies can significantly reduce your communication costs and in some cases make your voice communications more secure, assuming of course that you secure your VoIP in the first place. Since VoIP technologies rely on computers, software, and networks there are many potential threats that must be considered. Matthew Tanase offers his analysis on VoIP security in a new article at SecurityFocus.

New Phishing Scam Targets Your Finance Info

A new scam designed to trick people into divulging their private financial information (commonly referred to as phishing) is underway, this time spoofing a US government Web site, As a result of the scam the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued an consumer alert warning users to beware. You can read more about the scam at the FTC Web site and at Netcraft.

Mac OS X 10.3.3 Available

Mac OS X Panther users might be pleased to know that Apple released an updated, version 10.3.3, which includes among other enhancements previous standalone security fixes. The update also includes improvements to file sharing and directory services for Apple, Unix, and Windows-style networks. Be sure to check OS X Software Updates for the new version.

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